Satisfied Clients

This is my passion, and as much as I love working on these watches, nothing brings me more satisfaction than delivering an amazing finished time piece to my clients. To no surprise, that is their favorite part too. See what they have to say below.

I really love Vintage Chronographs, and this one is a real beauty…and a great find! My customer came across this one in awesome condition, and it was off and running with a much-needed complete overhaul.

See what Bernie had to say…

“I have been a regular customer of Jeff’s for 5+ years now.  As a collector of vintage watches without regard to brand, but simply to quality, my requests have been quite varied.  Jeff consistently delivers excellent work, at a very reasonable cost.  He has advised on more than one occasion whether a full on restoration or a simple cleaning will do the trick.  I have never been disappointed.

I regularly wear the watches in my collection. Jeff has delivered quality repair and restoration that have brought my timepieces to the reliable daily use state.  Bucherer to Omega, Bulova to Hamilton, I feel confident that when I deliver a timepiece to Jeff, I can expect nothing but quality and attention to detail that goes well beyond what passes for routine service in today’s world.”

Bernie G – West Pittston, Pennsylvania, USA

This early Bulova was in amazing original condition, right down to its original bracelet!
It was simply in need of a thorough cleaning and lubrication. I also replaced the heavily scratched crystal with a new old stock glass one.

See what Christopher had to say…

“I started collecting Pocket Watches several years ago. Jeff has serviced many of them and done excellent work. He has more recently got me interested in Vintage Wristwatches, and I can’t seem to get enough!
There seems to be an endless number of shapes and styles between the 1920s and 1950s, which is the era I concentrate on for my collection. Jeff has been great in getting my wristwatches in tip-top running and cosmetic condition!”

Christopher – Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA

I appreciate the elegance and simplicity of this 14K Omega Seamaster Deville. Although it required a complete restoration, it turned out beautifully and will serve its purpose for many years to come!

See what Gerard had to say…

“I am a fairly new collector of Vintage Watches, and apparently still have a few things to learn. I was the winning bidder on a 14K gold Omega Seamaster, and was pleased with the price. When I brought it to Jeff at Time Restoration, he broke the news of its running condition…which was poor to say the least! But, not wanting to have a great watch lost forever, I committed to a complete restoration, and have not been disappointed. My Omega is running great and I get many compliments when I wear it out to dinner! I continue to be on the hunt for more of these classic beauties, and Jeff at Time Restoration will continue to be my go-to watchmaker!”

Gerard – San Jose, California, USA

You just can’t beat a USA made Hamilton watch for beauty of design and a very well made movement! This stunning “Carlisle” received a complete service, as well as a new leather strap, and is off and running for another generation.

See what Thomas had to say…

“As a collector of vintage Hamilton watches, I have entrusted Jeff with over one hundred of my timepieces. His watch restoration and cleaning skills are at the expert level. He is a true gentleman watchmaker, a real rarity.”

Thomas – Exeter, Pennsylvania, USA

Elgin is another of the great US makers, and the Lord Elgin was the top of their line in the 1940s through the 60s, along with others that had equally beautiful case designs. A rarity with its original band, and a well-running 21 jewel movement after a good cleaning and installation of a new old stock glass crystal.

See what Cory had to say…

“When my Grandfather passed away, I was given a Lord Elgin from one of several that he had owned.  I just loved the look of this awesome piece of history, but really knew nothing about it, having grown up in the era of the digital watch. A friend in the US recommended that I look into Time Restoration to have it serviced. Mr. Shimp was very helpful in educating me on Vintage Watches in general, and also giving me specific information on my Grandfather’s watch. The Lord Elgin is now my very favorite watch to wear with its original band and well running 21-Jewel movement! I would not hesitate to use the services of Time Restoration in the future.”

Cory – Galway, Ireland

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