Jeff Shimp, Your Watchmaker

Dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the artistic & engineering marvel that is the watch

An interest in vintage watches transforms into a lifetime journey

I’ve been a tinkerer since a child and as I grew older so did an affection for all things mechanical. It was only a matter of time until I found an old Bulova watch that I loved, but it no longer worked. Something inside of me HAD to see if I could make it tick again. What started as intrigue has turned into what will now be a lifelong journey of honing my craft and amassing knowledge in the art and science of horology…specifically regarding the antique and vintage wristwatch.

Formally Trained and Mentored Horologist

After taking the back off of that first Bulova case, and seeing the functional artistry that make up the movement, I knew that the years ahead would be filled with carefully disassembling watches to make them come alive again. The passion that grew inside me surpassed what dabbling could satisfy, and I took the plunge to become formally educated.

I first attended the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors School of Horology. This was not a simple workshop, but rather a rigorous 8 month course which covered all aspects of service and repair to antique and vintage watches. Later on My training continued at ETA Manufacture Horlogere Suisse, one of the oldest and leading manufacturers of mechanical watch movements, located in Grenchen, Switzerland… the hub of Horological history. For many years prior to my formal training I was mentored by Pete Mazur, an accomplished Watchmaker of over 60 years, as well as a dear friend, who worked out of his home-based shop in Plymouth Pennsylvania.

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